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Tenz-Go Hotel

The hotel is located in Yancheng District , Kaohsiung. We have one hundred guest rooms and one restaurant accommodate with unique warm service attitude and spirit-low-key, calm, restrained and considerate.


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Everything is so wonderful!

Considerate and enthusiasm is the core value of Tenz-Go Hotel. We sincere offer the warm blessing for all of our guests. Through our sincere, restrained and considerate service which is heartfelt of our team member will bring you the warm and comfort as at home. And unforgettable memory in Kaohsiung.

For the parent-child customer group, the entire third floor is planned as a parent-child room and a children's recreation area, and the outdoor tents and cars are directly moved into the room, so that children can play to their heart's content. , to create a parent-child recreation area that feels like a department store, and become a unique hotel parent-child children's paradise in Kaohsiung.

Whether it is household goods or dining experience, all focus on the sense of life. The toiletries in the guest rooms are made of EU-certified environmental protection brand SCANDINAVIAN WHITE, which has more than 92% natural ingredients and environmentally friendly straw toothbrushes and is equipped with environmentally friendly cloth bags. Room card sets and luggage tags also have ingenuity that can be reused. I hope that environmental protection can be implemented in various details.


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